Elementary Cantonese Workshop

Student Tutor Ron, Chow Tsz Long
Target Beginners, HKSYU international students and other non-Chinese speaking students
Class Size 3 -10 students
Teaching Language English and Cantonese

30 September to 4 November 2022

Time 5:45 to 7:15 pm
Venue RLG104
Fee Free
Registration link


Deadlines of registration

3 days before each workshop, check them on the registration form.

Date and Themes:

 Sep 30    Introduction of sounds & tones in Cantonese and basic greetings

 Oct 7      Greetings and numbers

 Oct 14    Local food

 Oct 21    Places in the city

 Oct 28    Guide to supermarkets and grocery stores

 Nov 4     Useful proverbs and slangs