Our Mission

The mission of the Language Centre is to provide a supportive and enriching learning environment that promotes language proficiency, intercultural communication, and academic success for students. Through a variety of activities and workshops, the Language Centre aims to enhance students' language skills, cultural awareness, and overall language learning experience.


Our Objectives
Enhance language proficiency:
  •      To provide activities and workshops that focus on English language skills and knowledge areas, including writing, reading, listening and speaking, vocabulary building and grammatical awareness. 
  •      To develop students' English learning strategies with the use of AI tools.
  •      To help students communicate effectively and confidently in academic, professional, and social contexts.
  •      To provide innovative and effective language learning opportunities for students.

 Support academic success:

  •      To offer academic writing workshops, presentation skills development, and subject-specific language support. 
  •      To equip students with the necessaey English language skills and strategies to achieve success in their academic pursuits.
       Cultivate independent language learners:
  •      To encourage students to become independent language learners through self-access resources, study groups, and language learning strategies workshops.
  •      To empower students to develop effective learning strategies and take responsibility for their language development.
       Foster a positive learning community:
  •      To create a positive and inclusive learning community through language-related events, conversation clubs, and language exchange programmes.
  •      To facilitate peer-to-peer learning, build connections, and create a supportive language learning environment.