Chris Cai


Hello everyone, I am Cai Chao, a postgraduate student in Marketing and Consumer Psychology at our university. It is my pleasure to share my learning experience at the Language Centre with all of you.


Initially, I enrolled in Language Centre workshops with the aim of improving my language skills in both input and output. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these workshops provided me with a wealth of knowledge. I learned various techniques, such as utilizing ChatGPT to edit textual materials and acquiring professional vocabulary and sentence structures from ChatGPT. Additionally, the practical lesson on composing effective emails to professors and teachers was particularly valuable. Moreover, I gained insights into effective word usage and methods for expanding my vocabulary through software-assisted literature reading.


Overall, the diverse range of courses offered at the Language Centre has enriched my learning journey. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers at the Language Centre for their time and dedication. I eagerly look forward to the upcoming courses at the Language Center.




Luya Zhang


I am honored to be one of the most dedicated participants in the first semester of 2023-2024. Here, I would like to recommend the Language Centre to you. The Language Centre provides Shue Yan students with a wealth of events covering a wide range of interesting knowledge and language skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing. I learned a lot of practical tips, such as how to expand my vocabulary and how to write with AI tools. In addition, the Language Centre held activities such as the Halloween Tongue Twister Challenge, and offered rewards for participants and winners, which greatly motivated us to learn. At the Language Centre, you can not only learn to expand your language skills and knowledge, but also make friends with like-minded people. If you are also interested, remember to keep an eye on the Language Centre’s Instagram or website and don't miss out on events of your choice.





Thank you sincerely for all HKSYU Language Centre’s fruitful and interesting workshops! During the past semester, I have attended workshops like AI-powered writing, which helps me treat AI as a good partner in my preparation for ease instead of relying on it or avoiding it as a forbidden area. The LC also provides me with chances to logically learn about how to write proper-tone and polite-expression emails which are really useful and practical in everyday life and to enhance my vocabulary and sentence structures in a real hotel’s complaint and apology context, which is quite a novel angle! Also, it is really thoughtful of the LC to always send us email reminders for the workshops, to collect feedback from the participants for further improvement and attach high-quality supplementary materials after classes. All in all, thank you again for all the memorable workshops to colourize my exchange journey in HKSYU, to feel the warmth and patience and most importantly the language power offered by the LC. Hope I can continuously follow future workshops on YouTube for I am truly a loyal subscriber to the LC channel!