The HKSYU Prompt Engineering Competition is here! 🚀


📌 What’s It All About? This isn’t your run-of-the-mill writing contest. Oh no! It’s a fusion of linguistic flair and the transformative magic of artificial intelligence. Imagine crafting prompts that spark ChatGPT’s brilliance across both English and Chinese landscapes. Yes, you read that right—our city is about to witness a linguistic showdown like never before!


This exciting challenge is open to all students at HKSYU.


📅 Timeline:

  • Registration Period: From March 25th to April 20th, 2024.
  • Preliminary Round:  April 21st - 22nd , online .
  • Final Round and Awards Ceremony:  May 22nd at HKSYU 

📃Competition Details:

  • Competition Categories: The competition is divided into the Chinese section and the English section at the same dates and places.
  • Preliminary Round Arrangements: On April 21st at 8:00 AM, the Language Centre will announce the preliminary round topics and format requirements via email.
  • Participants will answer the questions from their homes. They can use any GPT platform, such as ChatGPT, Poe, or 文心一言. After completion, participants submit their work along with a screenshot of the GPT conversation.
Submission Deadline:
  • Participants must submit their works and GPT conversation screenshots by 8:00 AM on April 22nd. Submissions received after this time will be considered forfeited.
Preliminary Round Results and Final Schedule:
  • The results of the preliminary round and details about the final will be announced via email on May 14th.

✅ Judging Rubric:

The Language Centre's Directors and expert consultants from the Chinese and English Departments will score based on:

  • 50% Language Mastery (Genre, Accuracy, Coherence, Expression Clarity, Task Fulfillment)
  • 50% Prompting Genius (Creativity, Originality, Efficiency)


🏆 Prizes:

  • Champions (1 per section): 500HKD Eslite Bookstore Voucher
  • First Runners-up (1 per section): 300HKD Eslite Bookstore Voucher
  • Second Runners-up (1 per section): 200HKD Eslite Bookstore Voucher


Ready? Set? Prompt! 🚀